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Becoming a Kèkè Transporter is Easy

Follow These Simple Steps

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1. Access the app here

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2. Enter your personal information which includes your phone number, your national identification and your vehicle information

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3. Schedule an in-person appointment to receive your transporter kit and take part in our training.  Once you have completed your training, you are ready to get on the road as a Kèkè transporter.

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Getting Paid with Kèkè

Kèkè is a mobile application that uses the latest technologies to simplify your work. It includes a secure online payment system set up between clients and transporters so that every transaction is paid securely and on time. Our platform integrates all bank cards, and Mobile Money, for easy payment. There is full price transparency from start to end, and the terms always remain the same. Kèkè makes sure that all parties are in agreement with the terms before any transport request is accepted. 


Kèkè makes it easy to keep track of your routes, clients, and payments, removing the hassle of having to handle files and paperwork to keep track of your business. 

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Contact Us

Rue 1611A, Cotonou, Benin

+229 91535901

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