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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. If you don't find what you're looking for below contact us directly.

What is Kèkè Logistics?

Kèkè Logistics is a web application that aims to simplify the ecosystem of logistics and warehousing of agricultural products to offer economic opportunities and fewer post-harvest losses through easy, electronic management of the supply chain.

Does Kèkè Logistics transport people as well as goods?

No, Kèkè Logistique only transports agricultural and market products.

How is Kèkè Logistics one of the best solutions on the market today?

We are one of the best solutions for the following reasons:

  • The reliability of the technological tools we offer in terms of automation and security of the logistics chain

  • Professionalism and quality of our services provided by our team of experts

  • Our customer service is at your disposal 7 days a week and 24 hours a day

  • The financing opportunities that we offer after select criteria have been established 

Where is Kèkè Logistics head office located?

Our head office is located at Akpakpa Midombo Rue 1611A, Cotonou, Benin.

How to get in touch with Kèkè Logistique?

You can contact us by visiting our contact page here

Can I use the Kèkè Logistics application without an Internet connection?

To use Kèkè Logistique it is essential to have an internet connection on your smartphone or your computer.

How can I access the Kèkè Logistics web application?

You can access the web application by using any of the following links depending on your needs: ​

I'm having difficulty with connecting on the application or ordering a ride

It may be a problem with your internet connection, you can attempt to reboot your connection and/or reboot your phone. If those solutions do not work, please contact us for further assistance

I haven't received an activation code, how should I proceed?

This problem may occur when the number you entered is either invalid or your internet connection is faulty. If the problem persists, please contact us for further assistance.

Can I change my telephone number or username?

To change your username and/or telephone number you can click on the "profile" button in the application. Once in your profile, you can make all the necessary changes to your information.

How and when can I make a logistics reservation?

You can make your reservation for an immediate need or for a future need. You can schedule the reservation directly through the application and you will be paired with an available carrier. 

Currently, Kèkè Logistics is available in the city of Cotonou and its surroundings. We provide you with a dedicated team (+229 91 53 59 01), available 24/7 to answer your requests.

Can I cancel a transport reservation?

To cancel a trip, you should notify the cancellation one hour before the scheduled loading time and receive an acknowledgment from Kèkè Logistique confirming the cancellation of the trip.


Once loading has been started, no cancellations are admissible.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No fees are charged after canceling a ride before loading. If you cancel the ride after loading, you will be charged a penalty of 25% of the transaction value.

Are my goods insured during transport?

The goods transported by Kèkè Logistique are insured by our partners in the event of loss, theft, accident, and damage within the standards required by insurance companies.

Are my goods safe during transport?

The goods are transported under the best hygienic conditions while respecting a temperature suitable for the goods transported. For perishable products to be kept cool, the ideal transport temperature varies from 10 - 25°C depending on the type of product. We also ensure optimal ventilation of the goods and use plastic or wooden crates that must not be overfilled.

Can I transport different types of products in one trip?

In our app, we have categorized our products due to their modes of transportation. Seen as we follow international packing standards, not all products can be transported in the same packaging. We place great emphasis on quality packaging for the benefit of products and vehicles. Thus, you need to place a separate order for each type of good.

Can I have goods transported from different locations in one trip?

Yes, you can as long as the products require the same type of packaging. Otherwise, you will need to place multiple orders to ensure the products are in the best possible environments.

Can I request a particular driver when placing my order?

We offer the same opportunities to all of our carriers who have been trained to provide the best possible service. The app cannot assign you a specific driver. When you order a ride, the app sends your request to nearby drivers so that they can contact you and take your order from the designated location as soon as possible.

Can I comment on my driver's performance?

Yes and we encourage you to share your experience with us. At the end of your transport, you will receive instructions through our applications in order to rate your driver and give us your instant feedback. 

How am I billed once my ride has been ordered?

Our billing is determined through a proprietary algorithm that calculates distance, weight, quantity, category of goods, type of vehicle, and other variables. This ensures a level of stability in pricing and billing, to simplify all your transport transactions.

What are the accepted payment methods? 

All payments are executed digitally, through our web application. At the end of the transport you will be automatically charged. Kèkè Logistics accepts the following payment methods: KKIAPAY which is an aggregator of payments such as Moov Money, MTN Momo, cards, and bank accounts. We do not accept cash.

How do I receive my receipt?

You will receive your digital receipt once the transport has been completed and the payment has been submitted. You are also able to access your receipts from your menu in the "Financial Information" section of the web application.


An invoice is also sent to you by e-mail with the details of the route and the price.

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